What to Wear


Everyone worries about clothing selections for their portrait session. It is one of the most commonly asked questions… “What should we wear?!”


When photographing newborns, birthday suits are best!  These portraits are to be as natural as the day they were born (which for newborn photography, should be less than 2 weeks ago).  I welcome the use of knitted hats, wraps, and blankets. I have a selection of my own to choose from, as well.


I want personality! Colors, patterns, mix ‘n’ match, boots, hats, or other special items… I want to see YOU!!


Portraits of your family look best when everyone is coordinated, but not completely matching.  Think in rules of three.  Pick two main colors, such as grey & blue.  Then, pick a “pop” color, such as yellow.  Don’t be afraid to search for coordinating looks online.

If you need help selecting just the right outfit, I am always here to help!

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