I had the pleasure of photographing another adorable 1 year old last week. This little girl was so smiley and FULL of personality. She looks like Daddy but acts just like Mommy 🙂 Here are some favorites from our time together…

Alexis Day-1

Alexis Day-4

Alexis Day-22

Alexis Day-23

Alexis Day-28

Alexis Day-31

Alexis Day-39

Alexis Day-43

Alexis Day-46

Alexis Day-47

Alexis Day-49

Alexis Day-55

Alexis Day-56

Alexis Day-61

Alexis Day-57

Alexis Day-73

Alexis Day-74

Alexis Day-66

Alexis Day-70

Alexis Day-33Happy Birthday, Baby A! Thank you for an amazing session!