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Hello and welcome to my website! Holly Scholl Photography, LLC has been up and running for about a year now. Starting a new business has been an incredible challenge, and I have enjoyed every minute of it! I have met some amazing clients over the past year, as well as new photographer friends and I have all of them to thank for helping me along this journey. Most of all, they have secured my passion in this business. I hope to make 2014 a year of growth and opportunity, challenging myself wherever I can. For those clients who I worked with in 2013, thank you for your business and I hope to see you more in 2014. For those I have yet to meet, read on and learn a little more about me!

A little about me…

While I have always had a passion for photography and have practiced it as a hobby, I come from corporate America. I earned a Master’s degree in Public Health in December of 2004; my focus was in maternal and child health, which are also areas I am passionate about – especially as healthcare relates to children. I am always looking for new ways to grow and challenge myself, which is why I have decided to expand on my creative side by doing photography professionally.

I have been married for seven years to probably the best cook a wife could ask for – seriously, he cooks all of my family’s meals – I know… lucky girl. Together, we have two beautiful (and very active) boys, Sawyer (5) and Grady (3), and of course I can’t forget our first child of the four legged variety, Bosley the Jack Russell Terror – I mean Terrier. I credit the little people in my life as my inspiration to take the leap into the photography business, and the hubby has been very supportive in this endeavor, as well. The five of us make a pretty good team!

In addition to photography, I have become quite the runner. I achieved my goal of running a full marathon in 2013. For 2014, I just might see if I can beat my time of 4 hours and 18 minutes…

My style…

I love people – meeting new people, connecting with new people – and I ADORE children. I love their innocence and find it so rewarding to capture their little personalities on camera. I look for candid moments that are natural and sweet. I love capturing emotion in photography and “freezing” those special, little moments in time. I have a good eye for composition and am very organized and prompt. My favorite way to shoot is with natural light, indoors or outdoors. And…I will shoot on location – your place or any location you have in mind (within the Twin Cities metro). I have a few in mind, as well!

So, peruse around my site! I hope you like what you find….

Portrait by Stephanie Dunn Design, LLC


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