Monthly archives: February 2014

Easy Creme Brulee

I mentioned on my About Me page that my husband is an amazing chef. He cooks most of my family's meals and desserts are his specialty! This past weekend, I suggested his yummy creme brulee would make the perfect blog post. Not only is it delicious, it's surprisingly easy to prepare. First, get your ingredients together - eggs, heavy whipping cream, sugar and vanilla. [...]

Apostle Islands Ice Caves

Earlier this week, my good friend Steph (of Stephanie Dunn Design, LLC) and I made the pilgrimage to the ice caves on Apostle Islands, just off of the coast of Lake Superior. This has been quite the popular place this winter from tourists all over the country. Typically, the lake ice isn't thick enough to support the mile trek from the Meyer's beach entrance out to th[...]

Newborn Baby B

I took photos of this adorable newborn and his family last weekend. I have taken photos of his big sister before and have been looking forward to meeting this little guy. He was so sweet and cooperative - not to mention gorgeous! I have never seen such beautiful newborn baby skin before! For this newborn shoot, I used some fun props. I bought some old barn wood to use[...]

Salad in a jar

My brother-in-law just introduced me to this new fad - "salad in a jar". It's quickly becoming a favorite healthy meal option and it is so easy and convenient! The first step is to select your favorite veggies. I chose an orange pepper, radishes, grape tomatoes and carrots. Next, chop them up... Choose your salad dressing or make something homemade. I chose to p[...]

Boys will be boys

My husband and I have two boys ages 3 and 5. They have unlimited energy and consistently wear their parents out. They are also best friends. Now that the little brother can finally keep up with the big brother, they have taken to regular wrestling matches in our living room. When supervised, it's quite hilarious and all in fun. I captured a few images over the holiday[...]